About Us

Advanced geological and geophysical technology (AGGTech) was incorporated on 14 December 2012 as the Malaysia company. It will grown from merely being the manager and regulator of Malaysia’s upstream sector into a fully integrated oil and gas corporation. We provide intelligent information to the world’s geoscientist  professionals, We offering intelligent expertise across the world.

N.M.Safri (founder) graduated from  Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)  in Master of Applied Geophysics 2012. After Bachelor  graduate, he got his first taste of first step to his career as Engineer Geologist at Test Sdn Bhd and after Master  graduation he spent his time at Geotraces Technology Ltd  as Geophysicist, As opportunities arise, he register for Phd program  to expend his knowledge and experiences across global. His passion on seismic signal analysis together with formation evaluation and currently working on seismic dispersion on thin bedded fluvial system.
Along him, a team member whose part of Universiti Teknology Petronas (UTP)  has join force together to excel in Oil and Gas industry
Team member:
Abdullah Musa Ali, A Nigerian and Phd candidate (University Technology Petronas) in geochemistry. 
Nur Afiqah Ariffin a Gis processor, Phd candidate from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)  and GIS expert in our team.
Sabri Aboubakar, A Msc. USM holder from Chad
Yaser Ashaloo, A Iranian and Phd candidate in seismic imaging at Center Seismic Imaging (CSI). With his broad knowledge in seismic processing and anistrophy.