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AGGTech Formation Evaluation

    *Formation Evaluation overview *Rock classification system *Log data acquisition *Log headers presentation *Summary of procedures used in log interpretation *Borehole environment and invasion profiles *Logging tools including GR, SP, sonic, density, neutron, image logs, NMR and resistivity tools – their principles of operation, data acquisition & interpretation, limitations and various corrections applied to […]

G&G Traning – Theory & Practical Training

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This short course is intended for all technical professionals in the oil and gas industry, including trainee petroleum engineers, petrophysicists, geoscientists, and operations personnel who need an introduction to technical theory and techniques used in log interpretation and formation evaluation.Click here for more http://aggtech.com.my/?page_id=144    

AGGTech Seismic Processing & Interpretation

Our experienced geophysical professionals provide assistance to ensure the geophysical objectives of surveys are achieved while minimizing associated expenditure.   These benefits include:   An increased level of quality control, with more sophisticated analyses and without adding additional burden to the recording crew   The ability to review processed seismic data during the acquisition phase, […]